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Our people

At Select Audio Visual, you’ll be looked after by a select group of people, including…



Pete Coorey

Managing Director

Pete is the ultimate people person. A Hawthorn FC tragic, dedicated ‘muso’, mad motorcyclist and keen photographer, Pete has successfully managed people and business for over 20 years. Pete still cites the ‘one on one’ contact with clients as his primary role.

“The relationships that we build and the possibilities that the team present to our clients is immensely challenging and satisfying all at the same time! I love the anticipation of following up every event we stage. Feedback is vital as we continually look for ways we can better assist and “WOW” all of our clients! It’s all about the people!” Pete has no door to his office and his phone is always on, and that’s just the way he likes it!



Business Development Manager

With 15 years of frontline industry experience, June brings an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm for both client service and the further development of Select AV as Queensland’s leading provider of Audio Visual Services.

In the few short months that June has been with us, her dedication in fulfilling the needs of clients along with her amazing attention to detail, has had everyone at Select AV in awe. It’s obvious that June loves what she does, as is probably best expressed in her own words. “It’s amazing to get that feeling of a job well done, it makes coming to work every day… just so easy”.



Operations Manager

“JB” as he is better known is relatively new to our team, despite 20 years plus experience at the frontline of corporate audiovisual. He’s certainly seen his share of change over the years, but to this day remains focused and highly committed to keeping the engine room humming at Select! Simply put, we couldn’t do it without him!

Chad Evans

Account Manager

Chad now enjoys senior status at Select AV and is currently one of our highest performing venue managers. Based at Rydges Hotel Southbank, Chad continues to raise the bar for all of the venue’s clients, consistently exceeding expectation through exceptional service and the delivery of effective, stress free events!

Justin Leaman

Senior Project Manager

Highly capable and interactive with clients and work mates, we feel lucky to have Justin on the team. Boasting a wealth of experience, Justin is much loved by his clients and continues to maintain the highest of standards, no matter the size of the event. A great sense of humour and the owner of a cool cat named Fred made hiring Justin a walk up start!


Robert Jamieson

Senior AV Technician

Rob boasts many years experience at the highest level, and is the epitome of friendliness. Just like a duck, Rob remains calm on top, but is paddling flat out behind the scenes in order to ensure a successful and seamless result when in show.

Alex Penrose

Senior AV Technician

Alex is diligent, honest, extremely capable and an absolute pleasure to have around the halls at Select AV. All of our clients love him. Nothing is ever an issue for Al; he’s always agreeable, always willing and always welcome amongst all of our clients!

Eddie Barnes

AV Technician

Eddie’s charisma is infectious no matter how you cut it! Larger than life, this ‘Aussie Geezer’ will knock your socks off with his upbeat love of life, his job and his clients. Ed’ thrives on a challenge and is always up for a laugh, he’s a great guy to have on show and a welcome addition to our team!