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Our Services

Audio Visual Live Production

Production companies are often defined by the level of investment attributed toward production technology. Let’s be frank, it’s an expensive game,

but one that must be taken seriously, given what’s at stake each time we step into show.


We invest heavily in premium, commercial-grade equipment. No skimping, no cutting corners, and we wrap that equipment in tens of thousands of dollars worth of customs flight cases to ensure longevity and presentation on show.


We don’t take unnecessary risks on show. Ever. So why risk anything other than applying premium systems to your event?


Fifty plus years of combined event experience has cemented our commitment to investing in only the very best show technology.


Hefty ongoing investment toward industry-leading brands not only excites our show technicians but also provides absolute assurance of delivery for our event partners. 

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Technical Direction - Event Planning

Need some advice? Why not take it when it’s free and provided by an AV career professional? 


Partnering with our Tech’ Directors & Project Managers makes perfect sense. We get technical; we live it, we breathe it. 


Tap into our experience and best advice from the early onset of event planning. Considered planning and consultation around AV can make or break your event. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.


Consultation either onsite or at our Woolloongabba studio comes at zero cost. Zero cost to access over 50 years of combined experience in technical event delivery across many challenging environments.


Let us guide and nurture your vision from concept to delivery. It’s what we do, and we love it. 

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The Green Room - Virtual / Hybrid Event Space

The world has changed, and along with it, event delivery. 

Recognising the need to provide our event partners with a safe and compliant broadcast space, the Green Room was conceived in April 2020.


Based within our Woolloongabba premises, just 2KM from the Brisbane CBD, The Green Room provides off-street, secure parking for 8 vehicles, a coffee roaster on the doorstep, with Australia’s corporate caterer of 2019 based 100ft from our front door, ensuring all of our guests are well-nourished. Professional, in-house hair & make-up services are also available by appointment.


“How does it work & what does it look like?”, had to be the most asked questions of 2020. Simple answer, let us tour you through the premises, move from virtual to tangible, providing demonstrations and answer all of your questions.


We can come to you. With our magnificent venue partners, we dispatch a team to broadcast your event from venue to virtual. The reach is incredible, to some, once unimaginable. Shift your focus from local to global, release the potential of your message.

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To retain our reputation for cutting-edge events, we constantly invest in state-of-the-art technology, commercial best brands, and of course, our people.  It’s what drives our team, who are experts in delivering high-end production audio, vision, lighting and webcast services.

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