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Our Guarantee

The real reason behind why you’ll want to work with us ... to have the best team on your side.

A team of local professionals, geared to perform to ensure that every event shines.  

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Though our vehicle may well be event technology, we realised long ago that high-performance technology must be matched with the high-performance individuals who drive it. You need the best people behind the scenes. 


As a 100% locally owned and operated business since 2003, our local knowledge, expansive networks, and dynamic team culture are what keeps us top of mind with our clientele. 

It’s a philosophy and competitive edge that has rewarded us with ongoing success, a steady growth trajectory, and a loyal following of customers over the years. 

Dedicated individuals will be acting as an extension of your team. Professionals who are committed to a flexible and united approach and your event success. 

We are committed to earning your business. 

This is our guarantee to you. 

In all my years running events, I don’t think I have ever come across such a 


well connected team. From the on-set, your willingness to deliver and can-do attitude was infectious. I knew we were in safe hands. 

Your team delivered above and beyond, and in my 8 years with the firm, it was the best event we have ever delivered in QLD. All thanks to you and your extremely well-polished team.


Samantha Gilligan | Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

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